Sirac of Suzail

Son of Artus Cimber


The adventurers met Sirac outside of the townhall in Brynshander when he came to ask their aid. He realized that the frost giant Drufi was after him or at least his father Artus Cimber. He asked the group to try to find his father and warn him of the threat and then fled. The only lead he gave was the Roaringhorn noble family in Waterdeep.


Sirac is a soft spoken mouse of a man. He would prefer to never be noticed, but as the son of Artus Cimber going unnoticed can be quite challenging. He has lived in Brynshander most of his life and had planned to continue living out his days as a fisherman until the attack on the city by Drufi.

Sirac of Suzail

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