Tag: Friendly


  • Zephyros

    Zephyros is a powerful divination wizard capable of communicating with beings from other planes. He used this power to discover the adventurers location and learn somewhat their destiny. Though a powerful tool, divination has driven Zephyros to a state of …

  • Morak Ur'gray

    Morak is a gruff dwarf of few words. He gives the impression that he spoke more in another life and is content to speak as little as possible now. He is a natural leader but prefers not to assume leadership if its not necessary. Rumor has it that …

  • Duvessa Shane

    The speaker of Brynshander is the elected official of the town and is the representative among the council of Ten Towns. Duvessa takes her job very seriously and is considered a master strategist and politician. She isn't necessarily liked among the …

  • Felgolos

    Felgolos is one of the most optimistic people you could ever meet even compared to his relatively jolly race. He enjoys partying above all else and will spend days at a time without sleep if it means partying a bit more.

  • Osk Thunderhale

    Osk is a phenomenal fiddle player and an even better captain. He is trusted without question by his crew and has been known to sail on both sides of the law from time to time.

  • Ogden Flamebeard

    Ogden obviously has deep roots in Brynshander and connections with the champions of Mithral hall. He once was an adventurer but often doesn't wish to speak directly about his past and instead opts to speak of others he met on his travels.

  • Sirac of Suzail

    Sirac is a soft spoken mouse of a man. He would prefer to never be noticed, but as the son of [[:artus-cimber | Artus Cimber]] going unnoticed can be quite challenging. He has lived in Brynshander most of his life and had planned to continue living out …