A friendly cloud giant wizard


Zephyros is a friendly cloud giant wizard who first met the adventurers just outside of Nightstone. He travels around in a flying giant sized tower with a wizard hat on top. Zephyros agreed to transport the adventurers to the frozen north of Icewind Dale and the town Brynshander. While traveling in the tower Zephyros taught the adventurers a little bit about the lore of giants and the Ordning that holds there society together.


Zephyros is a powerful divination wizard capable of communicating with beings from other planes. He used this power to discover the adventurers location and learn somewhat their destiny. Though a powerful tool, divination has driven Zephyros to a state of pseudo madness. Zephyros is prone to spacing out and forgetting simple things.

During his long life Zephyros has seen and recorded a lot in his large library. His collection of lore rivals some of the best and most notable libraries in all of northern Faerun. However, the library is in a constant state of disrepair as Zephyros is incapable of keeping it in order in his current state of mind.


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