Ogden Flamebeard


Ogden runs Kelvins Comfort, a small tavern in Brynshander, which is where the adventurers first encountered him. He was happy to get the business and swap stories and information to the group.

Later, after the group had been arrested and the attack on Brynshander had begun, Ogden met with the adventurers as they left the prison. He told them that if they wished to redeem themselves that they should come with him.

Ogden then helped the adventurers lead an attack on a boulder throwing Frost Giant outside of Brynshander which led to their sentences getting commuted and them being deputized.


Ogden obviously has deep roots in Brynshander and connections with the champions of Mithral hall. He once was an adventurer but often doesn’t wish to speak directly about his past and instead opts to speak of others he met on his travels.

Ogden Flamebeard

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