Morak Ur'gray

Dwarven tavern owner in Nightstone


Morak was the impromptu leader of the Nightstone survivors when the adventurers rescued them from the goblin Boss Hark. After being safely returned to Nightstone he assumed control of the town and began efforts to rebuild. He tasked the adventurers to travel to Brynshander and warn Markham Southwell that the item sent to him by his sister may be the target of the attacking giants.


Morak is a gruff dwarf of few words. He gives the impression that he spoke more in another life and is content to speak as little as possible now. He is a natural leader but prefers not to assume leadership if its not necessary.

Rumor has it that Morak was once a Harper spy and traveled across Faerun. Grand stories of his victories are common tavern topics, but don’t let Morak hear you or you may wish you spoke as little as he.

Morak Ur'gray

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