Markham Southwell

Sherrif of Brynshander


Markham was the one who arrested Weirat and eventually Andrew and the rest of the the adventurers. At first he threatened to imprison them for a while but then lessened the sentence and allowed Erik, Hooster, and Kosef to go with a guard.

After the attack on Brynshander by the Frost Giant Drufi the town speaker Duvessa Shane commuted their remaining sentence and Markham deputized the adventurers in order to further protect the surrounding towns.


Markham is a tall imposing man. His family comes from the country Cormyr to the south. He stands out with his dark skin among the primarily white skinned North but if that bothers him he has never shown it.

Markham has devoted his life to protecting Brynshander and the surrounding towns. He believes in the rights of all men to do as they please but never to the detriment of others. To the people of Brynshander, even the scum and villainy, he is seen as a good and honest man deserving of respect.

Markham Southwell

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